Side Dish Menu

White Rice

White Rice

Fluffy, long-grain white rice. Goes great with everything!

Brown rice

Brown Rice

A nourishing, heathier whole-grain rice.

Yellow Rice with Vegetables

Yellow Rice with vegetables

Fluffy and moist long-grain rice with special seasonings and crunchy garden vegetables.

Black Beans

Black Beans

Healthy and flavorful. This traditional favorite is made from scratch.

Side of Kernel Corn

Kernel Corn

Sweet and tender kernels of golden sunshine. Made with real butter.

Balsamic tomatoes

Balsamic Tomatoes

Vine-ripened Roma tomatoes and red onions in a balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Sweet Plantains

Sweet Plantains

Perfectly ripe, sweet plantains, cooked to a golden caramelized finish.

Cesar Salad

Caesar Salad

Our original Caesar dressing recipe and zesty croutons tossed in romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese and crispy Pollo Bites™ or grilled chicken breast.

Boiled Yucca with Garlic Sauce

Boiled Yuca w/Garlic Sauce*

Boiled yuca with zesty garlic mojo sauce.

Mashed Potatoes And Gravy

Mashed Potato w/Gravy*

Fluffy mashed Yukon Gold potatoes and a side of chicken gravy.

Side of Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese

A never out-of-style comfort food classic. Made with real cheddar cheese.

Red Beans

Red Beans*

Slowly braised in in a ham and tomato based broth, sofrito, secret spices and potato cubes.

White Rice And Black Beans

White Rice & Black Beans

French Fries

French Fries

Fresh cut potatoes with skin on, fried to a golden crisp

White Rice & Red Beans

White Rice & Red Beans*

Brown Rice & Black Beans

Brown Rice & Black Beans

Brown Rice & Red Beans

Brown Rice & Red Beans*

Yellow Rice & Black Beans

Yellow Rice & Black Beans

Yellow Rice & Red Beans

Yellow Rice & Red Beans*

Fried Yucca

Fried Yuca*

Cassava, or Yuca, is like a potato with a tropical kick. Dip this delicious alternative to french fries in some of our famous Mojo Garlic Sauce or Cilantro Garlic Sauce.

* Available in some markets

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